Invitation for celebration for publication of Public Art for Public Schools by Michele Cohen     2009

Women Working in Glass by Lucartha Kohler      2003

Blue Lioness (Front Cover) by Betty Sue Flowers, Poet and Scholar     2002

Extending The Shade (Front Cover) by Betty Sue Flowers, Poet and Scholar    1990

Plainview Press Publication Announcement    1989

Source Book of Architectural Ornament by Brent C. Brolin and Jean Richards 

(photographs of the Artist’s work) 

The Language of Stained Glass by Robert Sowers (photographs of the Artist’s work)     1981

Stained Glass Designs by Jennie French (photographs of the Artist’s work)     1979  

Step by Step Stained Glass by Erik Erikson (photographs of the Artist’s work)    1974 

Working With Stained Glass by Jean Jacque Duval (photographs of the Artist’s work)     1972

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