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Don Quixote

Stained Glass Sculpture

Andrew Goldkuhle

Goldkuhle Studios LLC, 11341 Hillcrest Road, Hanover, VA 23069

Andrew Goldkuhle, son of Dieter Goldkuhle, and Conservator of Stained Glass at the Washington Cathedral, recently repaired Don Quixote (Antique stained glass sculpture with reinforced steel) and remarked to the owner, Mrs. Judith Krivit: As I mentioned it is perhaps the most unique piece I have worked on as it is more of a sculpture than a traditional window. In a traditional window we are trying to create a translucent medium that allows the light into a space while keeping the weather out. The spaces between pieces of glass are cut to a pattern to fit together as tightly as possible. In your case we have a sculpture with the translucent quality that is assembled in such manner that tests the traditional assembly methods with members of the sculpture flying in different direction with minimal adjacent supporting pieces and lack of a frame that gives a traditional window strength and structure. I hope this is close to what I said yesterday afternoon . . . . I may have lost my more poetic voice since then. Take care, Andrew

Jersey City Medical Center, Jersey City, New Jersey

Installation of Two Stained Glass Windows

Robert Menendez,

Member of Congress

"What a wonderful surprise and honor with which to start off the New Year! My first opportunity to see the 'Healing' and 'Hope' windows was at night - and I could have never anticipated the glorious sight of interior light radiating through them. The windows are beautiful, and they create a warm and welcoming look to the main public and emergency entrances to the hospital.


"Your artistic interpretation of the interior and exterior chambered nautilus seashell is inspired, as are the Healing and Hope themes that you selected. I am very proud of my 'Hope' window, because it reflects a core spiritual attribute that has defined my own life.

I am so pleased that your wonderful talent has created a beautiful work of art that can be enjoyed by the general public, as well as all those who come to the new Jersey City Medical Center for care and healing.


"I look forward to seeing you and thanking you in person for creating such a beautiful and tangible artistic expression for 'Hope'."


William C. Dauster,

Executive Director

"I am writing to thank you formally for the incredible stained glass windows you created for Jersey City Medical Center. To say that they are beautiful is an understatement. We constantly receive comments from staff, patients and visitors about how wonderful the windows are, and I hope it is gratifying for you to know how much people enjoy and appreciate them. Day and night, they create a soft and inviting environment for those entering and departing the hospital.

"We are so proud to display the products of your talent and we want you to realize how much the windows have added to the decor and to the overall feeling in the hospital.

I hope to hear from you soon so that we may discuss an official "unveiling" event and naming ceremony.

"Thank you again for sharing your talent with us."

Trinity Lutheran Church

Installation of Eight Etched Folding Doors

Reverend Thomas J. Donahue,

Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church, Tenafly, New Jersey

"Your fine artistry is thought-provoking, evocative, powerful and so filled with the spirit of Almighty God. It has been a great joy and privilege working with you and our church committee in accomplishing this wonderful project."

West Point Jewish Chapel

Stained Glass Window Installation

Louis Gross, President

West Point Jewish Chapel Fund, United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y.

"I am pleased to recommend Harriet Hyams as a talented artist of outstanding ability. We had specific problems regarding the religious significance of the stained glass windows that she designed and executed and we were able to satisfy the Judge Advocate General's Office and meet all their requirements. I recommend her without reservation."


Lewis L. Zickel,

President, West Point Jewish Community Council,

"I have worked with Harriet Hyams for the past ten years and know her to be a consummate professional in sculpting and stained glass. She designed and installed two stained glass windows spanning three stories in height for the West Point Jewish Chapel located at the United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y. I can recommend Harriet Hyams as an artist without hesitation or reservation."

Dominican Chapel, Our Lady of the Rosary

Stained glass windows

Adele Myers, OP, Chair

Art and Liturgy Committee, Dominican Sisters, Sparkill, NY

"Harriet involved us throughout the entire process of design, fabrication and installation. We cannot praise her highly enough. She was wonderful to work with and we recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking an artist who produces work of the highest artistic quality."

Maple Knoll Chapel, Springdale, Ohio

Installation of twenty four stained glass windows

Excerpt from Stained Glass Magazine

THE CLIENT: Mrs. Ralph Burchenal, Member of Board of Trustees.

"It says all we hoped it would and more - and indeed it is the jewel we hoped it would be."

THE STUDIO: Tom Venturella of Greenland Studio

"Harriet is a complete designer and takes every aspect of the work into consideration. Aside form hand-selecting every piece of glass, she also designs the leads for each window. Colors were not the only statement - the leads also played an integral part in the design. Because I have found the linear statement to be an issue often side-stepped by many of today's glass artists."

THE ARCHITECT: Ben Puccio, AIA Gruzen and Partners

"The result is outstanding. The mixture of light, color and shape achieve a wonderful integration of structure, space and materials…done subtly, done elegantly."

Glas Architektur

Autonomous Panels

Parsons Gallery, New York City

Stained Glass Exhibit sponsored by the NY Experimental Glass Workshop

THE CURATOR:  Norman Galinsky:


"Her Glas Architektur panels are considered classics of their genre and she has received critical acclaim and notice for her artistic achievements and experimentation with the form in leading art and architectural journals." 


GLASS ART, article by Richard Avidon, Stained Glass Designer:

"While challenging the rectilinear framework of reference, they (panels) manage to shape and infuse light with content which recalls the best of architectural stained glass."


LEADLINE,  Review by Robert Jekyll:

"A sophisticated and intellectually cool piece by New York artist Harriet Hyams entitled "Glas Architektur I, in my opinion, stole the show."

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