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The majority of stained glass photos were taken by Charles Shimel.

Original creative use of all kinds of glass (partial to antique), Harriet Hyams is well known for her design and use of color and light.


With exceptional space concepts of both interior and exterior, she has completed a variety of building projects working with some of the finest architects in the country such as Max Abramovitz, Percival Goodman, The Gruzen Partnership, The Eggers Group, The Ventura Group, Eleanor Petterson and Martin Holub.


For over forty years her work has received awards and achieved recognition in books, news and magazine publications, book covers and on film.

Hyams assumes complete responsibility for her projects from articulating the design concept through the final installation. She stays within the specified budget and completes work on time.


Light Reflections and Mind Meanderings


Harriet Hyams wrote her first poem when a teenager. In addition to a successful career as a Fine Artist, by the late 1960s, she found writing poetry to be a miraculous release. As the months and years multiplied, so did the poetry together with the painting, drawing, sculpture, and architectural stained glass.


About 2 years ago, Harriet and her brother began speaking on the phone every day. Many times poetry took over their conversation as they read their verse and discovered each other anew.


This book is a selection of poetry by Harriet Hyams, in mostly chronological order, drawing on her observations of life, love and loss in the passage of time.

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